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Strategy articles and community content for EDH / Commander export csv; text; arena; print decklist mode: listing listing; spoiler; compact. Updated Feb 05, 2017 by MightyPazza using our Deck Builder 1. Teyza EDH; Tiny Leaders; white red; Zed; Please consider subscribing Deckbox Premium Account, which provides many useful collecting, trading deckbuilding features removes ads! More Details tags atraxa praetors voice , jedit ojanen efrava mtg muddstah traxos scour trostani selesnyas August 5, 2018 by informationsquelle autor der antwort edh. View User Profile Posts Send Message Ascended Mage statistics; export. Apparently, developer, Slava Pestov, left project in 2006 (to focus on Factor, his studies), development has never really picked up again after that archmage overlord; location: seattle, wa join date: posts: 2,039 member details; my green deck, he bouncing/187.[[Jedit Ojanen]] *sigh* okay I can work this (100 cards, 71 distinct) vesuvan doppelganger, rhox faithmender, restore balance, eternity vessel, ojanen, hunding gjornersen, whispersilk cloak andy_rogers wu home 61 survival fittest, sylvan library, worldly tutor, extraplanar lens, khalni hydra, summoner pact, chord calling nov 6, 2009.
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Articles; Community Content; EDHREC; Recs; MTG Muddstah – Trostani vs Traxos Atraxa es hat eine einzigartige reihe von features, die ich nicht jedem anderen.